Thursday, March 31, 2011

Columbia Museum of Art - Event

1.  The black and white picture of the Supremes, shot by John Dove in 1965, was about 8x8 inches, and was owned by EMI archives (Electric and Musical Industries Limited).

2.  The photograph was a "staged photo."  John Dove wanted to create a charming image that would make music buyers interested in the 3 amazing women.  The Supremes were getting off the plane in an airport in London.  The clothes they were wearing were a bit dressy for a plane ride.  They were wearing dresses, heels, fur coats, and carrying large leather bags.  The photo reveals that these women were always trying to be presented in their best as elegant, successful, glamorous, and classy.  The photographer wanted to create the image of them smiling, in step, hair combed, elegantly coming off the airplane.

3.  The Supremes were an American female singing group (consisting of three women) during the 1960's that sang music ranging from Pop, R&B, Motown, doo-wop, and disco.  They rivaled with the Beatles for worldwide popularity but they are still considered America's most successful vocal group.

Big Apple Art Event

1.  The shag is counted "One and Two, Three and Four, Five, Six."
2.  "The Big Apple" was first known as the "House of Peace" synagogue.  It was destroyed by a fire in 1915 and eventually the building was sold in 1936.  It was then redone as the Big Apple Night Club that became very popular.  The Big Apple dance made its way to New York via students from the University of South Carolina.  In 1979, the club was moved from its original location on Park to the corner of Hampton and Park Streets.  It retains many of its original architectural features retained by Historic Columbia Foundation.
3.  The shag started in clubs in Myrtle Beach in the late 1930's.  It has roots from the jitterbug and the Lindy Hop Swing.  Shag is danced mostly from the waist down and requires tight and smooth footwork.  It is usually danced to classic "beach music."  The music is usually written in 4/4 time to mesh well with the footwork counts.  Also, the shag exploded in The Big Apple around 1937 and was taken by USC students to New York and eventually spread across America.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Film Art Event

In "The King's Speech," the establishing shot was of a microphone and the first scene was of a news reporter getting ready to give a speech on it.  This showed how important the radio and speaking on a microphone to the people was.  It made the people of England feel as though the King was their friend and was sitting in their living room giving them the latest news.  Also in the establishing shot, the news reporter is preparing nervously to speak into the microphone which reflects onto what is going to happen later in the film.  He does precise measurements and mouth movements to prepare himself to speak.

The camera angles were different than usual movies.  They made the film feel more artsy and more unclose and personal.  It was as if they were using different angles than usual because we were seeing an intimate side of the royal family that the audience had never seen before.

The story line was very interesting.  I have never been so drawn into a movie in my life.  I would definitely say it is now one of my favorite movies.  The scenes that moved me were the ones where Lionel (the "doctor") would pull something out of "Bernie," that shed light of his sad private life.  It was very interesting that things that occurred in his developmental years, probably caused his stutter.  It was extremely moving when the audience saw how close of friends they became and King George VI had never had a friend before.  It was amazing to see the transformation in his speech and to see him make it successfully through his first wartime speech as King.  There was staging in the film when Lionel was trying out for a part in a play.

All of the actors were extremely convincing in their roles.  They fit exactly the depiction of the character they played.

The music in the film was a lot of classical music that fit perfectly with the movie and the time period.  Music was also used to make Bernie speak correctly for the first time.

The genre of the film was a historical drama.

The meaning I got from the film "The King's Speech" was that in order to be successful, you have to truly believe in yourself and you can come over anything if you try your very hardest and are always honest and caring.  Once Bernie let Lionel into his life and trusted him, he became unstoppable.  Lionel was with him in every single one of his speeches.  You have to trust people and have faith in them.  There were so many hardships in Bernie's life that no one knew about, like most people, and he pushed past that and became an honorable ruler.