Thursday, January 20, 2011

Assignment 1: Biographical Statement

Growing up, I took pottery classes twice a week after school.  As I got older, I began taking art classes at my school.  I have always loved art and tried to take an art class when given the opportunity.  Even though I loved making pottery, my favorite form of art is painting.  I especially love art museums full of famous paintings.  Through my various art classes I made drawings, paintings, and sculpture. 

The last time I went to a museum was two summers ago.  I traveled to Europe with my high school and we went to countless art museums and galleries.  The coordinator of the trip was very interested in art, so he scheduled many different museums.  The artwork was amazing!

I do not dance but I enjoy watching dance.  I have been to many plays and a handful of operas; however, I have never seen an art film. 

I learn the most when the information is presented in an interesting or relatable way.  Also, I am definitely a “hands-on” learner. 

I am an Early Childhood Education major, so this class is a requirement.  However, I’m very excited about it!

The types of art that have moved me in the past are certain plays and many different painting that I saw in Europe.  The paintings in Europe were so old that it was very moving to think about the amount of history and stories behind each piece. 

The people around me inspire me.  Also, beautiful and complicated works of art inspires me. 

Art is a form of expression.  Therefore, I consider movies, music, video games, comics, and television works of art. 

Many different people decide what is classified as “good art.”  Each person has his or her own opinion.  Critics of each category of art have extensively researched what they are talking about before they are allowed to publicize their opinions; therefore, they know what to look for and are capable of advertising something as “good art.” 

The critical elements that are important when debating music or movies with friends are things such as, the caliber of the actors or artists, the plot or the sound/beat of the song, what kind of reviews it received, how popular it was, and how much money it made. 

“The Blind Side” was one of my favorite movies last year.  It also won some of the most awards from the Oscars in 2009. 

An “art film” is usually an independently made film to be seen as an artistic work, not as a commercial film.  I have never seen an “art film.” 

Dave Matthews Band has been my favorite artist for years.  His CD is in my player in my car right now.